The Making of Rxdical Records with Hamlit

The Making of Rxdical Records with Hamlit

In our newly introduced artist series we take a look into the thought process of illustrator Hamlit.

“When I was first approached from my bro, Kevin Oboh about the logo for Anonymuz & Radical Records, I had already painted the picture in my head. I wouldn’t say it was difficult at all bringing the design to life because my approachwas just to deliver something “radical”. After a few listens from Anonymuz’s music, I could hear the energy & pain behind it, so I wanted to translate that to something physical. During the process, I was inspired by the edgy looks of vintage rock band logos and Stone Steve Austin’s skull logo, which both had heavy influences for many generations. As I do with every project, I started off with a few sketches just to see how the skull should be placed or angled.”

“Therefore, I made the decision to angle the skull to make it look as if it was looking down to the viewer to make it look more cinematic. The most difficult step for me in the process was definitely the font. If you look at any movie poster or
commercial ad, the font tells a lot about the story and sometimes not picking the right one could taint it. I’m just glad everything came together how I initially pictured it. Also working with others that know what they want makes the creative process much smoother.”

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